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Veterinary Informational Links

Center Veterinary Clinic is aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet.  Our team has taken the time and evaluated the following sites.  We trust the information the listed websites provide to you and hope you will find the websites informative and helpful. 

dogfoodadvisor.com-   a public service website designed to help you make a more informed decision when buying dog food.

veterinarypartner.com - For help in answering your questions about animal health, medications, therapies, surgery, behavior or safety. 

www.aphis.usda.gov/vs/ncie/iregs/animals - For information on internarional movement of animals.  For movement of animals withing the USA, individual states need to be contacted directly.

http://trupanion.com/pet-insurance-Trupanion is a pet insurance company that many of our clients use and have had great success with. We have free trials for 30 days at our office. Please click on the link for more imformation.

petsbest.com- Another recommended pet insurance company that offers a simplified fee structure based on paying a flat 80% on qualifying claims.  Pets Best Insurance offers a 5% discount for Center Veterinary Clinic Clients who sign up.


public.homeagain.com - We encourage microchipping as most shelters have a universal scanner that will identify the chip and reunite the owners with their pet.  Whenever we receive a lost pet, the first thing we do is scan for a microchip.

www.feralcat.com - For information about feral cats and spaying and neutering programs.

www.vohc.org-   Learn about the best products to keep your pet's teeth clean.

www.redrockbiologics.com- For information on the rattlesnake vaccine for dogs.

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