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April Pet of the Month

Please meet Peanut, a well-dressed, one year old, male Yorkshire Terrier. Peanut is a hoarder of toys.  If you try to touch them, he takes them from you and surrounds himself with all of them just like a dragon hoarding his treasure! Peanut was a very quick learner when it came to bell training and crate training!  We are so proud of him.  Peanut LOVES to sleep on your chest when he's tired and sighs at you when he's bored.  Peanut loves to get in the car to go out and meet new people.  He is very charming and fashionable!


March 2017 Pet of the Month

Mocha is a very special 8 year old tan and white terrier.  She is very loved at home and has a ton of cartoon drawings done by her mom and dad. Did you know that Mocha can play basketball?  Check out the video of her on our Facebook page.  In puppy class, Mocha's teacher calls her "bottomless pit: because she loves treats so much.  Her favorite treat is Pupperoni!  Mocha can identify and retrieve items like her ball, bone, kong toy, rope, slippers, sock, etc.  She can also pick up items off the ground on command and help her mommy clean up.  She is one smart dog!


Kiara is a beautiful, sweet tan Labrador Mix who is almost five years old. Kiara loves to sleep.  When she's not sleeping, she enjoys playing with her ball in the backyard.  Kiara also loves chasing her tail.  That darn tail is always in her way and she can never quite get it!  Kiara will always tell you how her day is going.  She loves to talk to Mom and Dad whenever she gets the chance.  Did anyone say beef patty?  If Kiara was given the option, she would eat 20 patties a day!


January 2017 Pet of the Month

Sprinkle is a cute and fun 8 month old female shepherd mix. She loves to eat insects...especially live bees!  Sprinkle's favorite thing to do is go to the dog park or anywhere she can play with people and other dogs.  She is one social gal!  She loves to snuggle and sleep on the couch with her family. Sprinkle likes to jump and catch bubbles in her mouth!  We're so happy she is part of our CVC family!


December 2016 Pet of the Month

Winston is an adorable male 12 year old Lhasa Apso. One of Winston's favorite past times is going on car rides with his family even though he usually falls right to sleep. He especially enjoys his trips to Rite Aid where he is treated to ice cream!  When he is not traveling, Winston's favorite place to be is at home with his human cousins. He enjoys all things chicken!


November 2016 Pet of the Month

Oakley is a almost a year old and a very cute male Yorkshire Terrier.  Oakley's favorite thing in the world to do is spend time cuddling with his mommy.  Oakley also loves to watch TV!  He loves to jump in the water and go for a swim.


October 2016 Pet of the Month

Jax is a very special 2 1/2 year old tan and white terrier mix.  Jax loves to talk to you when he wants to play.  Another favorite past time for Jax is people watching at the park.  Jax has his own Instagram account @seejaxgo which is managed by his mom...Jax isn't exactly up to date on his electronic use.  Jax enjoys to hung bugs at night...Watch out bugs!!


September 2016 Pet of the Month

Norman is a handsome tri-color 1 1/2 year old male Basset Hound.  Norman's favorite people are mom and dad, Center Veterinary Clinic Staff and the Sonic Car Hops.  In fact, his favorite past time is taking long trips to Sonic for corn dogs  and tater tots.  Norman also enjoys begging and counter surfing for food.  Norman's arch nemesis include the  mailman, UPS and FedEx workers and the outdoor cat two doors down,


August 2016 Pet of the Month

Maximus Bear is a Boxador-half boxer, and half chocolate lab. One of his coolest tricks is catching the ball mid air while playing fetch.  In fact Max's first, second and third favorite thing to do is to fetch, fetch and more fetch!  After all of that exercise, Max's favorite time of day is bed time because he can snuggle up next to his mom.


July 2016 Pet of the Month

Campy is our pet of the month and has many tricks up his sleeve.  He can sit, shake hands, roll over, and weave through your legs on command.  While Campy sleeps, he often talks and shakes.  Campy loves other dogs and the dog park!  People are a close second.  He only barks when he wants you to play with him...usually during dinner!


June 2016 Pet of the Month

Jif loves to be brushed and pet by his family.  He also loves to have his face rubbed.  Jif enjoys his treats but also loves his cat nip!  He spends the majority of his days lounging in the sun.  Jif enjoys to bat at toy balls and play with his favorite toys!


May 2016 Pet of the Month

Serenity is her parents doggie nurse, she is very Intuitive and knows when they aren't feeling well!  She is their constant companion and nurses them back to health!  Serenity loves to chase tennis balls around the yard.  She will fetch but will not give it back to you!  Serenity is her mom's emotional support dog, she sticks to her mom and dad like glue!  Serenity is her parents' first rescue dog and a real sweetheart!


April 2016 Pet of the Month

Rallie is just over one year old.  Even though she is over 50 pounds, she seems to think she is a lap dog.  Rallie loves to snuggle.  Rallie's mom is still working on teaching her how to play volleyball since that is the root of her name!  Rallie can "high five", "high ten", and "army crawl" pretty well.  Rallie is not a big fan of walks so her mom often wonders if she is really a dog.



March 2016 Pet of the Month

Collin is almost 11 years old and is an adorable Shih Tzu.  Collin's favorite toy is still the first toy he ever got from his mom, a multi-colored ball which he carries around daily. Collin loves to go on his evening walks with his mom every night before bed.  His favorite time of the year is the winter when he gets to visit Santa Paws and all of his elves here at Center Veterinary Clinic. Collin is lovingly referred to a "Pooch Wallen" by his family.  



February 2016 Pet of the Month

  1. Nutmeg is a 14 1/2 year old petite, friendly gal.  Nutmeg loves chasing a colorful shoestring when she isn't enjoying her favorite pastime stretching across the bottom of the screen door to sunbathe.Nutmeg is her mom's 5:00 AM alarm clock.  Although Nutmeg has a very calm temperament, she shows her "evil" side by growling when she has her vet visits.  Nevertheless, she is still a favorite among the staff at Center Veterinary Clinic!


                                      January 2016 Pet of the Month

Delilah is 1 year old.  She likes to spend her time digging holes and chasing birds until she is exhausted!  Delilah also loves swimming in the ocean.  PS:  Don't leave your chicken dinner unattended!


December 2015 Pet of the Month

Diesel missed his calling as an alarm clock.  Diesel can tell time and knows when it is exactly 4 AM when he demands his first meal be served.  Diesel also helps his mom and dad stay on time in the morning by waking them up if they hit snooze and try to catch a couple extra minutes of shut eye!  He's very generous and helpful that way!  Diesel LOVES to sun on his carpeted patio during the day and be stretched out in the middle of the couch at night. Diesel has no front claws but he loves to "sharpen" his paws on the new scratching post and beds his owners buy him.  


November 2015 Pet of the Month

Maverick is such a friendly guy who loves to make friends with both the human and furry variety.  Maverick is a water buy!  He loves to chase the hose, splash in the doggie pool and swim at dog beach.  Maverick likes to sprawl out on the tile floor where it is cool to take his naps. Maverick is super inquisitive and loves to explore while on walks.  He enjoys smashing through bushes and shrubs all around the neighborhood!!!


October 2015 Pet of the Month

Eddie is 15 years old and is mostly deaf now, so his parents have to use sign language to get his attention.  Eddie's nicknames are:  Eddie Spaghetti, Edward Scissor Hands, Little Guy and Edwin.  Eddie's favorite activities include:  eating, hanging with his human friends, going on walks and taking road trips  All of Eddie's friends and family LOVE the way his tongue hangs out!


September 2015 Pet of the Month

Fred loves the car and is quite well traveled.  He came all the way from New Mexico with his mommy!  Fred is leash trained and goes with his mom to the park to people watch!  Fred has 2 cat siblings, but he secretly knows he is a human...shhhhh don't tell the others! Although Fred is an indoor cat, he LOVES to go outside and lounge in the garden!


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