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  May 2017 Pet of the Month  

 Oreo, a 19 year cat, loves visiting Center Vet and relaxing on the front desk with the receptionists.  Oreo gets acupuncture and hydrotherapy for her legs. She gets a good workout in and then gets to relax with her mom. Oreo's mom enjoys walking her on nice days. Oreo gets her halter on and is ready to go. During the holidays when Oreo visits the clinic for her laser therapy sessions, we get to see her show off her holiday outfits and spirit.  One year she even dressed up like Santa  Claus!


April 2017 Pet of the Month

Please meet Peanut, a well-dressed, one year old, male Yorkshire Terrier. Peanut is a hoarder of toys.  If you try to touch

them, he takes them from you and surrounds himself with all of them just like a dragon hoarding his treasure! Peanut was a very quick learner when it came to bell training and crate training!  We are so proud of him.  Peanut LOVES to sleep on your chest when he's tired and sighs at you when he's bored.  Peanut loves to get in the car to go out and meet new people.  He is very charming and fashionable!


March 2017 Pet of the Month

Mocha is a very special 8 year old tan and white terrier.  She is very loved at home and has a ton of cartoon drawings done by her mom and dad. Did you know that Mocha can play basketball?  Check out the video of her on our Facebook page.  In puppy class, Mocha's teacher calls her "bottomless pit: because she loves treats so much.  Her favorite treat is Pupperoni!  Mocha can identify and retrieve items like her ball, bone, kong toy, rope, slippers, sock, etc.  She can also pick up items off the ground on command and help her mommy clean up.  She is one smart dog!


Kiara is a beautiful, sweet tan Labrador Mix who is almost five years old. Kiara loves to sleep.  When she's not sleeping, she enjoys playing with her ball in the backyard.  Kiara also loves chasing her tail.  That darn tail is always in her way and she can never quite get it!  Kiara will always tell you how her day is going.  She loves to talk to Mom and Dad whenever she gets the chance.  Did anyone say beef patty?  If Kiara was given the option, she would eat 20 patties a day!


January 2017 Pet of the Month

Sprinkle is a cute and fun 8 month old female shepherd mix. She loves to eat insects...especially live bees!  Sprinkle's favorite thing to do is go to the dog park or anywhere she can play with people and other dogs.  She is one social gal!  She loves to snuggle and sleep on the couch with her family. Sprinkle likes to jump and catch bubbles in her mouth!  We're so happy she is part of our CVC family!

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