Welcome to the reception area at Center Veterinary Clinic, where we have separate waiting areas for both cats and dogs.
Center Veterinary Clinic features two dedicated cat-only examination rooms connected to a tranquil treatment area exclusively for cats. This space is free from dogs and includes shelves for climbing, as well as Feliway pheromones to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our feline friends.
Our spacious treatment area provides ample room for delivering exceptional care to our patients. Our state-of-the-art kennels are equipped with heating, ventilation, and various light settings, including quiet and calming options, to simulate a normal and soothing environment.
Center Veterinary Clinic boasts 5 extra exam rooms specifically for dogs, along with a dedicated rehabilitation room and consulting space. Our unique artwork, showcased throughout, is crafted by a talented local artist
Welcome to our surgical suite and surgery prep area, complete with a convenient surgical pass-through. Our state-of-the-art surgeries incorporate advanced techniques, including endoscopy and electrocautery systems.
Our Dental Suite is equipped with three dental treatment tables, dental radiographs, monitoring systems, and dental cleaning machines for comprehensive dental care.
Center Veterinary Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art in-house laboratory equipment, ensuring swift answers when a pet is unwell.