Early Cancer Detection in Dogs with a Simple Blood Draw

OncoK9® is a first-in-class multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test. People get mammograms and colonoscopies to help detect cancer early. Now, dogs have OncoK9, a cancer screening test developed specifically for them.

● Simple Blood Draw
Most cancer tests are either invasive (like a tissue biopsy) or require special equipment (like imaging). OncoK9 requires only a simple blood draw. The sample collection can take place during the same visit when the veterinarian prescribes the test.

● Multi-Cancer Coverage
OncoK9 has demonstrated cancer signal detection across more than 20 cancer types, including 7 of the most common cancers in dogs.

● Cutting-Edge Technology
OncoK9 interrogates millions of cell-free DNA fragments in each blood sample, using sophisticated next-generation sequencing technology and bioinformatics algorithms to detect multiple classes of genomic alterations associated with cancer.

● Early Detection
By identifying cancer signal in cell-free DNA extracted from a blood sample, OncoK9 may allow for earlier detection of cancer, before the onset of clinical signs.

The OncoK9® Test

The OncoK9 liquid biopsy test uses a simple blood draw to detect abnormal DNA released into circulation by cancer cells. The test sorts through millions of DNA fragments in each sample, using powerful next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology to identify cancer-associated genomic alterations in dogs and enable veterinarians to detect cancer earlier and manage it more effectively.

Quick Stats

(A list of sources can be found on https://petdx.com/pet-parents/)
▪ There are 6 million new cancer cases per year in dogs
▪ Cancer is by far the biggest threat to dogs and is the #1 cause of death
▪ 1 in 3 dogs have a lifetime risk of cancer
▪ Dogs over age 7 have a 9x higher risk of cancer
▪ Predisposed breeds at younger ages have a higher risk of cancer

When to Use OncoK9®

OncoK9 is a multi-cancer early detection (MCED) test for the detection and characterization of cancer-associated genomic alterations in DNA isolated from canine whole blood samples, using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. OncoK9 is intended for use in dogs who are at higher risk of cancer.

OncoK9 is recommended as an annual screening test for all dogs starting at 8 years of age, and potentially at younger ages for dogs belonging to breeds that are predisposed to cancer.
OncoK9 is also recommended as an aid-in-diagnosis for dogs in which cancer is suspected based on clinical signs or other clinical findings.

Common Signs of Cancer in Dogs

(Source: https://www.aaha.org/your-pet/pet-owner-education/ask-aaha/canine-cancer/)
▪ Decreased or absent appetite
▪ Nausea and/or vomiting
▪ Unexplained weight loss
▪ Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
▪ Bloating or abdominal swelling
▪ Unusual odors (malodorous discharge and/or bad breath)
▪ Lethargy or exercise intolerance
▪ Difficulty chewing or swallowing
▪ Weakness and/or collapse
▪ Pale gums or tongue
▪ Limping or lameness
▪ Sores that do not heal
▪ Bruising and/or bleeding and/or petechiation
▪ Increased frequency and/or volume of urination
▪ Painful and/or bloody urination
▪ Changes in stool
▪ Increased thirst
▪ Mass(es) and/or lump(s)
▪ Enlarged lymph node(s)

Scientific Publications

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▪ OncoK9 White Paper – December 2021
▪ Frontiers Review Article – March 2021
▪ Frontiers Proof of Concept Study – July 2021