Congratulations on your new kitten!  Below is a checklist of some items and ideas for making the transition as easy and peaceful as possible.

Kitten Arrival Shopping List

1.  Cat Carrier:  Make sure to buy a cat carrier that will fit your kitten as it matures to an adult.  You can pad the bottom of the carrier for both comfort and as a precaution to accidents.  Cat carriers make travel in the car and waiting in the lobby of your veterinarian’s office safer and more comfortable for your cat.

2.  Dishes, Food and Water:  Your kitten needs to be provided with fresh food and water, preferably in metal or ceramic dishes.  Food and water dishes should be emptied and washed daily to prevent bacteria and germs from accumulating.  Make sure to ask what kitten food your kitten has been eating and purchase the same type.  This will help them avoid stomach upset in their first few days home.  If you wish to transition to a different food, ask your veterinarian how this is best done.

3.  Litter Box/Scoop:  You’ll want to have a litter box ready and waiting and introduce it to your new kitty immediately.   There are several different types ot choose from and many people like the covered variety, as it prevents litter from scattering all over the floor. 

4.  Grooming Set:  A brush, a comb and nail clippers will come in handy.  You won’t be using them during the first week, but after your kitten is all settled in, you’ll want to establish a grooming routine.

5.  Toys and scratching post:  Make sure to have a few toys that can entertain your kitten upon their arrival.   Another good purchase may be a cat tree or scratching post that will stand up much better to needle-sharp little claws than your nice sofa and curtains.  Make sure to get one with a heavy base that won’t tip if your kitten gets a little enthusiastic.  Cardboard scratchers are also a great, inexpensive option.