Fasting Instructions: Your pet needs to have an empty stomach before going under anesthesia. If pets have eaten they can vomit during the procedure which can cause complications like pneumonia and infections. For this reason, please feed your pet a normal dinner but NO FOOD AFTER 10:00PM the night before surgery. Water throughout the evening is fine. Please do not feed your pet any food in the morning and no treats to get them in the car. We want to make this the safest procedure possible for your pet.

Checking In: One of our registered technicians will check your pet in and go over the surgery safety and comforts procedures. We usually have four early check in appointment times. These appointments take about 15 minutes. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have during this appointment. We usually try to set a check out appointment time, as well.

During the Day: One of our staff members will call you after your pet’s surgery is complete. We will confirm the check out appointment time. It is very important to leave a number where you can be reached throughout the day. If you are worried, always feel free to call and we are happy to give you an update. Your pet will be recovering in our treatment room where we monitor the pets to make sure they are not in pain and recovering properly without complications. If they are receiving IV fluids, they will be administered throughout the day to ensure that your pet receives the maximum benefit. We will be preparing your pets medications, making sure we have a properly fitted E-Collar (if needed) and discharge instructions.

Checking Out: You will be put back into one of our exam rooms where a registered technician will go over discharge instructions after surgery. We will not bring your pet into the room until all instructions are reviewed because we know that when you see your pet, listening will be difficult. When we are sure we have answered all of your questions and you have received all of your medications, we will bring your baby to you.

The Days After Surgery: Each pet recovers differently. Please click here for more information about Post Surgical Care. You should receive a phone call from a staff member 1-2 days after surgery checking up on how you and your pet are doing and answering any questions you may have. Sutures need to be removed ten days post surgery. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns.