On behalf of the staff at Center Veterinary Clinic, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed. We also welcome our clients to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website’s Pet Memorial page. Please contact our office at 858-271-1152.

Coco Puff

Pet Breed: Domestic Medium Longhair Cat
Color: Tortie
Dates: 14.5 years (2003 – 2017)

Coco arrived on my doorstep as a 5-week old kitten. A friend of a friend had found her bawling her head off, alone, when they were looking for a new RV in a sales park in San Bernardino. They couldn’t keep her, but I said I would take her sight-unseen.

John arrived at my home in Riverside with a kitten that was no bigger than his hand, an open tuna can, and an eyedropper. My mother was visiting me that weekend, and she slept with Coco on her chest for little one’s first night at home. Bless all mothers. And better news is that 1-year old Rembrandt—a walk-in to my yard and adopted when no neighbors claimed him–liked the idea of having an indoor pal, so we were off to a good start.

Yes, Coco was responsible for pulling down the Christmas tree each year until I got smart. Yes, she could open a screen door in two seconds if it weren’t locked—and scratch a hole in the screen if it were locked. Yes, she was the first kitty each night to want to climb into a warm human bed for a snuggle—and the first to give me the loving paw treatment when she wanted me to get up at 5am to feed her.

You will be missed, my darling girl. I hope I will be able to give a few more abandoned kitties a home. Rusty especially misses you as he groomed you, shared his food, and was a constant co-instigator. Thank goodness he walked into our San Diego yard to be your best friend.

The picture is Coco at about 10 weeks or so. The cats loved this faux tree on a stairwell that they used as a scratcher.


Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Color: orange tabby
Age at Death: 18.5 (1999-2017)

Sam came into my life when he was already 2 years old. He was rescued as a kitten, trapped in a box, going to a recycling plant. Fortunately, someone heard him crying. That was the first of his 9 lives. He was adopted by a teacher and her son, and then given to me when he was 2. I was living in Reno, NV, and had bought my first home. The home did not seem complete until he joined me there.

Sam was an adventurer, who liked to roam the neighborhood, and who got himself into trouble pretty often. One night, something sharp cut a straight line down his tail and he came home with the skin cut to the
bone. Eventually, the tail had to be amputated. He never seemed to mind, he was such a mellow cat. That was life number 2.

Another time, Sam crawled under the neighbor’s deck, while it was being built! They closed him in without realizing he was there and he was stuck for a week without food or water. The wind blew hard in Reno that week and I could not hear his crying. I looked for him everywhere and only after a week when the wind died, I finally heard him and saved him by prying a board off the completed deck and enticing him to come out with Tuna. That was life number 3.

Another time, neighbors moved next door with a very aggressive Tom cat. That cat attacked Sam, normally a very mellow guy, in our backyard as if he owned the place and put a deep wound near his throat. That was life number 4. Sam never thought that just because something bad happened, something bad would happen again so I had a hard time keeping him in the house, even though the neighbor cat continued to prowl. I nick-named Sam the “Buddha Kitty” because he always seemed at peace with wherever he was, and whatever was happening. He never held grudges if someone or something hurt him.
It was a very special trait.

I moved to Davis, CA, in 2009, and that was the first of many car rides with Sam (sometimes to visit family), and the first time I realized that unlike other cats, he loved car travel. He never made any noise and always seemed relaxed but inquisitive about the moving scenery outside. In Davis, we had a little scare because he had a sore on his nose and at first, it seemed like cancer. It turned out to be herpes. That was life number 5.

In 2015, we moved to San Diego – his longest car ride yet but again, not a sound. As soon as we got here, he seemed so happy with the San Diego air and the San Diego sun. I am glad this was the place of his
last years. In summer that year, he became very lethargic and thank goodness, I found Dr. Bigelow and he was diagnosed with diabetes justin time. Life number 6.

Within about 9 months, with insulin and better diet and Dr. B.’s care, he recovered to the point where I gave him a shot one night when he no longer needed it and he became unconscious. I took him to the
emergency vet, they gave him some IV fluids, and he plumped up like a flower again. That was life number 7 and it was a close call. He didn’t need shots any more and I was overjoyed.

He was diagnosed with a growth on his heart or lung in November 2016 and I could tell it was serious but Sam was so mellow, he just kind of ignored any discomfort for quite a long time. I think a more nervous cat –or one not as tough as Sam– would have been gone sooner. But Sam was a supremely relaxed cat and since he seemed to ignore the problem, I also forgot about it for a little while. Life number 8.

I think that growth caught up to him in the end and that was why his breathing got so bad. His 9 lives ran out on November 3, 2017. What a great time we had in our 3 different homes and 16+ years together.
How many times he made me exasperated with his adventures, then made me laugh, then made me learn how forgiving a soul can be. I took care of him so many times, and he took care of me too. When I had surgery in 2011 and was in bed for two weeks, he never left my side.

There was something very unique and very special about this ordinary orange cat. My Buddha Kitty and sometimes- spiritual- guide, who taught me to forgive everyone and everything, and to love the life
that you have, wherever you may have it. I hope he is in the best place ever now, his final ride to his last destination. Wherever that is, I picture him lying in the sun, with that look of utter contentment that made me so happy to see. He will be deeply missed.


Chihuahua/Terrier Mix-Brown/Black 2005-2017

Losing a pet is a peculiar feeling. There is a desire for peace for your furry friend but also a heavy armor of grief.

When my brother and I were younger, my brother would put “puppy” on his birthday and Christmas wish lists every single year. Undeniably, my parents would shut us down. In 2005, my friend’s dog had puppies and he gave me one whom my brother named Hiccups. My friend had one more puppy that was not adopted so he asked me if I wanted a second. As I hid these two puppies from my parents for a couple of days, my brother and I housed them in our rooms with the thickest plush towels for them to sleep on. My best friend came over to see the puppies and name the second dog “Darkie” because her coat was a little darker than her sister, Hiccups. Once we told my parents about the puppies and they were fine with them, the puppies started to play outside in the backyard. Hiccups would constantly dig up all of my mom’s plants and that was when my mom decided we could only keep Darkie. This was when we knew it was meant to be. They refused to have puppies at home but they quickly fell in love with Darkie.

Darkie’s favorite thing to do was run out the gate when she found the opportunity and have you chase after her. She thought it was a game. If she saw you walking, she would slow down. Once you started to run, she would take off in a sprint. We played this “game” often but we found that if we drove our cars next to her and said her name, she would come running up and jump into the car. She loved car rides and would stick her head out the window to explore the world. Darkie was a cuddler. She loved to just sit on you or be next to you. Had to be touching though. I remember lying by the pool and she would climb on my back to sit. I remember sitting inside on the couch and she would jump up just to sit in my lap. Darkie was the happiest dog and she loved love.

It is hard to come home knowing a wagging tail would not be there to greet you at the door. 12 years, my longest relationship. Darkie was my constant companion and my only experience of maternal love. We all miss her everyday but know she is in a better place.


February 1, 2000-September 29, 2017

Tigger, a short hair orange tabby, lived to be 17 years and 8 months! Tigger’s mom misses his voice the most. He was quite the talker. He had a large vocabulary and several different intonations so she could always tell what he was commenting on and how he felt about it. He was simply a wonderful cat and companion. “I miss you, my friend!”

Ceasar Garcia

June 15, 2000 – August 19, 2017

Ceasar, a tan Chihuahua, was a friend until the end. My son gave him to me on Mother’s Day. He filled out lives with joy but he was also a stinker! Ceasar was small but he protected me- never afraid to stand his own ground. Ceasar went on long walks with me but in the end, I always had to pick him up. He did a good 3 miles with no complaints. After my husband passed, Ceasar assumed the roll of head of the house and continued to protect me. In the end, he got sick and his life just seemed to go away. I will always remember Ceasar as my little guy. Now he is in heaven with my husband.

Skippy Huynh

August 25,2001 – July 5, 2017

Skippy, A black, brown and white Jack Russell Terrier was a sweet and loving dog. He loved to go on long walks and jump around when he got excited. He liked to snuggle during the day and nestle up at night. He had a big appetite and loved doggie treats. Skippy was a happy dog and lived a long, wonderful life of 16 years. Skippy will always be missed by his owner, James Huynh and Lana Huynh (mother). They were very lucky to have him in their life!

Ruby Tuesday Kluber

January 10, 2006 – May 4, 2017

Ruby, a pure bred miniature Poodle was born in Mississippi on January 10, 2006. Because she was born on a Tuesday, her Daddy chose the name “Ruby Tuesday”. She had two other siblings and Ruby was the first born. From the get go, Ruby was her Daddy’s girl. Ruby was was very playful and her best days as a puppy were spent running around our great room so fast, it looked like she was being pursued by a cheetah. She would go from the great room to the kitchen to the formal dining room under the table and chairs and never hit anything.

When she was a puppy, the thing she loved most to do out in the yard was to dig and no amount of scolding could stop her. She would often come in from digging in the yard with paws and face covered with black mud. One day, we heard this piercing scream from the yard. We found dangling on her right cheek a male fiddler crab that she probably thought was a toy and tired to smell it. It pinched her cheek so bad, I was afraid to pull it. Ruby cried and cried. Thank goodness she did not bleed too much. I remember the first time her Daddy and I left on a Friday afternoon to dine out. It was the first time we left her alone in the house. When we came back, she was nowhere in sight and even after calling out to her, she was not responding. That’s when I noticed all our shoes and slippers scattered around the great room. I eventually found her under our dining table, surreptitiously hiding with her head down and her tail between her legs. I knew then that she knew she did something unacceptable. I think it was her way of saying, “Why did you leave me?”

Ruby traveled with us to many places. Her first trip with us was to Hot Springs, Arkansas in November 2006. I bought her a very pretty white fur coat (that she’s wearing in the photo attached). In December of 2007, she made a long road trip with her Daddy to relocate from Ocean Springs, Mississippi to San Diego, California. Since then, she had gone camping with us and her sister, Gidget in Northern California, Lake Havasu, Yuma, Arizona, Julian in Southern California and last summer to parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

You cannot ask for a sweeter, uncomplaining dog. She didn’t possess a mean bone in her body. When we adopted Gidget in 2008, we instantly knew that Gidget was the alpha dog. Ruby took it in stride, although whenever I showed affection to Gidget, she would look at me with sadness. She followed me everywhere and would stay in the bedroom with me until I got up. She also knew when I was ill and would get up from bed and follow me when I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

When she was barely two years old, she learned to turn on and off my touch lamp beside my side of the bed. One night, she did not want to go to sleep yet. It was late and I was done with my reading, I touched the lamp to turn it off. Just as I was almost asleep, the lamp light was bright on my face. Ruby looked at me. I had to laugh. She had done that many times again and again, whenever I wanted to stay in bed late and she didn’t want to. She was the smartest dog.

Ruby was the only dog we’ve seen who peed with both her hind legs up in the air. It was a sight to watch. She always sat like a regal princess with both of her front paws crossed. My best friend, my aunt and my eldest sister were not particularly enamored with dogs. My best friend and aunt were actually quite scared of dogs. But a few days with Ruby changed all that. She was the sweetest dog ever. I miss her so much!


Pug, Male, tan


When Winslow was young he was very frisky. He used to chase his sister around the table at about 100 miles per hour. As he got older, he ended up being renamed “Tripper.” He always was right in the mix and almost tripped whomever was around. We love you, Winslow. You are missed! We even miss you peeing on everything. Hope you are enjoying doggie heaven!

Sable Alberto

Husky-Malamute, Sable and White


Sable was always blessed not only with a wonderful appearance but also with a wonderfully sweet and kind nature. It was apparent that he understood that the World was made to love him and he certainly loved us all back many times over.

While Sable was always deeply loved (our “furry son”) life with him was never dull. When left alone for a few hours as a puppy, he would bite through walls and onto furniture. Thanks to Sable we honed and upgraded our home repair and improvement skills.

To see him run on our property almost flying up hills with ease and in sheer delight and happiness was always a treat especially when he would run directly at us and then veer away at the last minute and then turn and smile.

Being a Husky there was always an attraction for him to wander away and he was brought back home many times by kind neighbors and law enforcement. He thought this was all a great game!

To help, we added a fence and special devices to seal gaps under gates, etc. Sable watched me with interest as the work completed and he then performed a nine-foot leap over the gate to see his close friend Ollie, a lab.

However, over time and after a few incidents with rattle snakes and swimming pools, he did slow down and transitioned somewhat reluctantly into his role of “family dog.”

Always a graceful, loving member of the family who will be greatly missed but always loved. Goodbye Sable for now, “we will see you anon”.

Love Always and Forever, Daddy, Mommy, Shara and Mario


Chihuahua, White


Chanel was one of my most special dogs. She brought us so much joy in our lives. I miss her everyday, especially in the mornings when she would wake me up, wanting her morning treat of Greenies. She was my shadow everywhere I went. She was always waiting for me at the foot of the stairs, with her toy in her mouth wanting to be picked up to give me a kiss with a big smile. That would relieve all stress from my daily routine. You will always be my best friend and mommy’s little buddy. I will truly miss your smile.


Bearded Collie, black and white


It is very difficult to write this down, but MacGregor journeyed to Rainbow Bridge on Friday June 17th. His registered name was CH. Spindrift James B MacGregor. He was born in our kitchen on Friday night September 3, 1999 with five other littermates. (I wanted to keep them all but he had another plan to come into this world and be my prince, my soul dog and my comic relief. He was at my side from dawn to dusk.

He made his dog show review in Monterey, CA in 2002 at the Bearded Collie Nationals, where he Won Winners Dog and a Number 3 Select over about 197 other dogs. While driving to Monterey with my friend Lori, I told her I was hoping to at least get a 4th place. We laughed and giggled all the way home. He meet some beautiful girl beardies and had some wonderful puppies and now grand-puppies.

Through his many adventures at Fatherhood I gained some wonderful life long friends and companion dogs. I see his puppies and cry at all the love and devotion they have brought to their people.

Along this path I meet Danielle and she cared for him and gave him the ability to be the best he could be in and out of the show ring.

He did have a bit of a stubborn sneaky streak. In his youth he could levitate onto the bed from the side position (not every Beardie can do this, but lots of us have seen it.) He cleared all the kitchen counters and sat on the Grand Piano. but in all this he could still look at you with the dark brown dreamy eyes and say (Hi Mom, are you home? I had a great day.)

In his litter of 6, his sister Jodie (Ch. Spindrift Charmed I’m Sure) owned by Pam Harris) is still with us and lives in Reno.Believe me, I am so grateful for how long we had him, and remember how he just loved babies and puppies and could lead a Beardie Bounce with 13 dogs across a back yard. If you knew him, you loved him.. I think of him at the other side of the Bridge with his dog-mom Amie, and his Auntie Sky running and jumping and telling them how much he missed them.

Now, we miss him………… Sherrie, Garry, MacGrace and Honey


English Springer Spaniel -Liver & White

Dec 1, 2001 – Jul 9, 2016

Nigel was the most loving dog. He was a pure bred English Springer Spaniel. (Liver and White) He was one of eight puppies. He was very social and loved to visit his friends at NexusDX, Schindler Elevator and served his special role as the mascot of the San Diego County New Car Dealers Association. They put on the International Auto Show every year after Christmas. His compensation was free tickets every year to the show At the end, he was so afraid to be alone it kept us home most of the time unless he could go with us He loved playing ball with his dad and thought his job was to bring the ball back to him. He slept in our bed every night and we loved having him there. For all of his fourteen years he would take a trip to feed his friends, the wild bunnies bringing them carrots in the afternoon. They got so used to him they would come out of hiding to eat. He would just watch not doing anything to scare them.

He loved riding in the car. He got a special treat going through the car wash and watching the water run over the glass roof in our cars. He got special notice from other drivers at traffic lights as he sat there like a person. He provided many smiles from other drivers through the years. The last few months he had lost his sight but not his spirit. He was loving to the end and thankfully it came quickly as he was in obvious distress. He will have a special place in our hearts and memories.


Great Dane Mix, Chestnut brown with black markings


*Luke was a road rescue in Southwest Tennessee outside of Memphis. His age is a guess. The date given s when he was found and came into my life. At that time the vet estimated his age as 4 years old. Based on when he died, I think he was older than 4.

Luke was a sweet, gentle giant. He loved to sun bathe in the backyard.

The day he “crossed the Rainbow Bridge” he went to and napped in every favorite place he had in the house and backyard. He was attempting to go up the stairs, got halfway to a small landing. It was there he left me.

Among many Luke stories, a favorite comes from my home in Tennessee. The pest control technician was finishing up as I left. He didn’t properly close the side glass door. When I returned Luke was lying outside like a

sphinx guarding the house with its open door. I panicked wondering where my Miniature Schnauzer, Kazz and cat were. Luke had guarded not only for intruders thinking to enter, but also kept Kazz and Snurran inside. He had taken care of the house and my other pets.

I can not say enough wonderful and loving things about this exceptional dog, who someone was callous as to let wonder away onto dangerous roads.

Dear Luke,

They say memories are golden,

Well, maybe that is true.

I never wanted memories,

I only wanted you.

A million times I needed you,

A million times I cried.

If love alone could have saved you,

You never would have died.

In life, I loved you dearly,

In death I love you still.

In my heart you hold a place

No one will ever fill.

If tears could build a stairway

And heartache make a lane,

I’d walk the path to heaven

And bring you back again.

Our family chain is broken,

But as God call us one by one,

The chain will link again.

Love, Mommy


2006-2016 Yorkshire Terrier Sandy Blonde and Grey

I am a heart- warming, loving and determined older stud. I often walk faster than my owner, Everything from favorite treats to midnight walks gives me a smile. Both my owners’ laps are my favorite spot. Without a doubt i traveled from the East Coast to overseas just to meet my owner. I am such a loyal, trusting and old spirit male dog of all Yorkshires. I am in a better place thanks to the special treatment of Dr. Bigelow and Staff. My memories are always with my owners, but overall to their new pet “Einstein” I’ve given a whisper of just howl of love. Buddy forever with us! Again blessings to all of the pets at Center Veterinary Clinic. -Daniette and Michael



To our Beloved Hula:

You’re no longer at our side but you’ll always be remembered. We’ll treasure the bond, the love, memories ( Dada still remembered when you forced your way into the room & jumped in bed without knowing it & you make noise saying “meeooww” just to let Dada know that you’re in bed because you know Dada won’t let you get inside our bedroom because you make Dada “haachoo”, as he is allergic to fur. So we just let you in bed for a while to enjoy yourself. That’s one of the most unforgettable moments… too many to share and everything we had shared. We miss you so much baby. Your bedroom is empty. It’s hard for us to see but knowing you’re not suffering and you’re in a better place now is the only thing that keeps us going. We know you’re our ANGEL… We love you so much our BABY HULA. May you rest in peace.


2000-2015 Brown and Tan Lab Mix

When Echo was younger and an only dog, she used to run around the backyard throwing the ball in the air so she could catch it. When we first brought her home from the shelter, she loved being outside in so much space that she hardly came in the house even at night. One time, in the middle of the night, Echo heard the battery-low beeping indicator on our smoke detector, and she jumped on the bed and laid across me to wake me up to let me know the smoke alarm was making noise. My favorite story is when we first moved to our new house. She was an only dog. Our friends and their dog stayed with us for a couple weeks before moving into their new home. Echo played all the time with their dog, Shadow. Echo used to wake us up in the middle of the night so she could go downstairs (our door was shut) and play with Shadow. When they finally moved into their own place and took Shadow, Echo became very sad and actually moped around the house. A couple weeks later, we got another dog so she could have a playmate. That cheered her up!


2001-2015 Golden Brown Golden Retriever

From the moment I picked you up from the litter to our last days together at your favorite beach, you’ve been the heart and soul of our family and home. I’ll never forget the days I could carry you in my backpack to the efficient and reliable transportation of the skateboard Chico Express, helping to guide our way when lost in the canyons and all the memories and love you’ve shared with the people around you. You’d always be there for me, whether a long night out or 7 month deployment. You meant the world to so many of us, friend, and I can’t wait to see you again on the other side. Rest now, Chico, you will always be in my heart, now and forever. Your loving and faithful companion, Roby


2000-2015 White and Tan Boxer Pit Bull Mix

The Army Brat: My favorite memories of Aries were when we would travel cross country for my military moves. He was such a good traveler and loved the car. He was always such a wonderful companion on the road. One of my favorite trips was with him and one of my old Junior High friends, when I moved from Washington to Arizona. We stopped by the Grand Canyon along the way and every time we looked into the canyon so did he. We also enjoyed hiking in Arizona and that is where he learned to swim with my help. That spot was one of our favorites. He was always such a happy dog and so well behaved, and he had a great smile! Everyone loved him and because of his part pit heritage many I know changed their opinions of Pit Bull Terriers & mixes. He will be missed terribly by family and friends.


2002-2015 Light Brown Chow Retriever

Bella’s nicknames were: “Sweety”,” Short Stock”, and “Soft Princess Baby Girl”.

When Mama gave her a snack, she would always say give me a kiss and Bella would lift her head up immediately and look Mama in the eyes and move her nose close as if giving a kiss.

She was very smart also. When we fed her food on a paper plate, she would use a paw to keep the plate from moving on the floor. So smart and so cute to see her do that.


2003-2015 Domestic Grey and White Tuxedo Cat

Milo shared his last 3 years tolerating his step brother, Bentley, an exuberant boxer.Their antics brought me many smiles. Milo had many favorite people foods that he would beg for. Very interesting for a cat! Peanut butter toast, tortilla chips and crackers were his top choices. He was loved by many and will be missed. I thought for sure he would be with us for many years to come.


Female, Black Domestic Medium Hair


Ellie was about 7 years old when she adopted me. My daughter and I were at Petco for fish food on a day of cat adoptions. I was not much of a cat person. People were going crazy over all the baby kittens. One lonely beautiful very scared cat sat all alone in a cage. She made eye contact with me and we both knew at that very moment we would love each other forever.

Ellie’s original owner was now in assisted living, unable to care for her. They had led a very quiet home life, just the two of them. Ellie had no exposure to other animals, men, or children. This would be a challenge introducing her to my husband, two daughters, and two male dogs. I was prepared to make accommodations for her transition, keep her upstairs and the dogs downstairs. For the first month she hid under my bed, gradually she came out and warmed up on her own terms.

From the beginning Ellie and I were very attached. She would lay on my chest and literally purr me to sleep at night. She loved hanging out with me in the mornings before work and would come down the stairs calling to me the minute I would get home. She was happy just to hang out and always be by my side. Her presence soon became one that the entire family was warmed by.

Thyroid issues surfaced when Ellie was around 10. She responded well to treatment for 1 year before developing an auto-immune issue. We treated her for this but soon discovered it was a battle we could not win. My poor Ellie lost her appetite and her quality of life was suffering. The day had come all too soon to say goodbye to my sweet girl Ellie.

I had 5 ½ wonderful years in which we gave Ellie the best life possible. We miss her every day but take comfort knowing that she is possibly re-united with her original owner. I knew she was just on loan to me and one day I would have to return her. We layed Ellie to rest in her bed from her original owner along with the favorite toy she had brought with her. We planted a beautiful pink rose in Ellie’s honor. Thank you Ellie for adopting me, I will miss you forever. 2002-2015.

A huge thank you to Center Veterinary Clinic for all their loving support!

The Taniguchi Family,

Doug, Jan, Trisha, & Cassie

Baileyi – a Celebration of Life

August/September 2002 – December 15, 2014

You asked me to write a few memories or a story. There are so many. For 12 years, she was a really great dog.

She entered our lives as a tiny, 4-month old, 12-pound imp, instantly earning the name ET – Evil Thing. I remember her first hike a week later, striving to keep up with the other dogs; her back legs shooting out in front of her as she ran, making her look for all the world like a large rabbit, and causing her to tumble head over heads down the trail. How she was so worn out, I had to carry her the final couples of miles to the truck. I remember the same trail five and a half years later, reflecting upon the change.

Ahead of me, Baileyi leads the way. Tail erect. Majestic. Strong. Its black tip a beacon through the tall grasses.

I am struck by the fact that unbeknownst to me, she has gracefully taken on the mantle of adulthood –

a dog not yet six. Her rest stops more frequent, her forays into the brush less reckless, more calculated.

Though amazed at how well she wears this new role, I already miss the puppy.

I remember her first backpack in the snow. Imitiating everything “Dad” did. She and Mulligan were inseparable. She always loved to make snow crunch under her feet and bite off chunks to eat.

I remember when she was one, her best friend was a coyote behind Maddox Park. She and Roxanne would play tag endlessly. She loved the park. Reluctant to make friends, those she chose had her complete devotion. She would stand motionless at the fence for ages waiting for Champ, Rocky, and Jewel.

I remember her “I’m a Big Girl Now” birthday party at Fiesta island when she turned two; hoping it would herald the end of her overenergetic babyhood. All her friends were there. We even passed out dog treats to passerbys. Rocky won the prize for wearing the party hat the longest. She loved Fiesta Island. She was a water dog. Anxious until she rounded the bend by Sea World, she then became a new dog. She would run, dodge, almost shout with glee. Her joy was infectious. It oddly seemed to be the only place away from home where she could feel entirely safe and let down her guard.

I remember getting her a brother when she was three, thinking it might help with her anxiety issues. Sadly, Tucker only added to mine. I remember her looking at me as if to say “When can he go back?” After a long period of tolerance, they eventually grew to be comrades, playmates, and security blankets in time of need, if not real pals.

And I remember the backpacks. She traveled the Lagunas and the Sierras. She was a great hiker and a great companion. She could find even the most elusive trail. No map, no compass, no GPS. She loved the water; taking every opportunity to swim in an alpine lake, slosh through a river, or just soak her belly in a puddle. She was an amazing swimmer. Looking like a muskrat, quiet, calm, she barely made a ripple as she passed – except for when she stuck her nose in the water and blew bubbles. But the squirrels were her favorite. She would chase them at every opportunity and dig until her whole body was in the hole with them.

But I guess it is just her that was so special. Her quiet, patient approach. The lifted leg inviting a scratch of her “sweet spot” under her arm. The slow roll and patient wait for the belly rub. Loving to be scratched under her chin like a cat. And that wonderful face with those incredible expressions. She could truly talk.

Some of them just leave deeper footprints on your heart. There should be a law that they age alongside us.



Jack Russell/Beagle with white and brown spots

Levi was my best friend, companion and teacher. I never thought a dog or any animal would capture my heart and whole being like Levi did. He was my daily companion for 5 years. I took him everywhere. Our biggest ritual was a morning walk and playing ball at the dog park every night. Levi made me understand love, companionship, and loyalty in ways I have never considered.

Levi’s gifts to me were many. On the day Levi died, perhaps the worst day of my life, he gave me a great gift. When the shot was given to him that would put him to sleep, I took his head in my hands as I did every night. I told him that I loved him. With tears running down my face, I asked him to promise me that when he got to the other side, he would somehow let me know he was okay. That night my wife and I were exhausted with grief and as I began to fall asleep, I felt a scratch on my right hand. Startled, I awoke and wondered what that was. My next thought was Levi. Before I could even figure out what had happened, I immediately heard Levi’s voice saying, “Daddy you can let me go now.” I layed there for a moment and thought, “Levi you did it. You made your transition and you are ok.” I immediately fell asleep. In the morning I told my wife what had happened. She reminded me that when Levi wanted my attention, he would scratch my leg, arm or hand or whatever he could reach. Later that day a grief counselor called to see how we were doing. I told her about how I thought Levi had contacted me. She had written a book about experiences between people and animals. She told me to live from my heart and to accept the great and wonderful gift Levi gave me. And…I have.

The second gift is simple and yet profound: Levi made me a better person. I finally learned that is what dogs do.

Barry Ladendorf,

Grateful companion to Levi, my best friend and teacher

Mama, come get me! When I first saw Levi’s picture on Petfinder.com five years ago, I knew this was my boy. Nothing would stand in mama’s way of bringing her boy home. I implored the rescue shelter not to give my dog away, saying, “That’s my dog, when can I come and get him?” The next day as I approached the adoption event, I saw my boy wiggling playfully on the floor. As I introduced myself to him, he peed in excitement. I think if I could have, I would have peed, too. He had never ridden in a car (only in a cage in the back of a truck). He was so scared he laid his little head on my lap the whole way home.

I treasure every moment of our shared lives: At dog parks, he would play fetch non-stop with incredible catches in the air-Michael Jordan had nothing on Levi! Levi smartly knew that to cool himself he need only drink a little water from a water bowl, then use a paw to splash some on himself, often emptying the bowl much to the consternation of other dog owners. You had to smile. He always did. When he first ran leash-free on Carmel Beach, he displayed the sense of freedom we all yearn to know. On road trips, Levi decided early on that he was to be the pre-imminent co-pilot, starting with two paws on the back seat and two paws on the console then ignoring requests to stay in the backseat, progressing to a three paw console, then surreptitiously making it a four. Levi was THE front seat dog.

Levi was my protector. He knew I had a health issue and his job was to take care of his “mama.” At bedtime, he would give daddy a look that said, “This is my place. I have to lay next to mama,” then snuggle as close as possible to me. I fell asleep with my arm around him, knowing he would be there when I awakened.

Nothing has touched my heart as Levi has. I know nothing ever will. My heart still yearns to have him snuggle next to me. My heart will always feel his warmth, caring and devotion, all with his infectious smile, love of life, and that “Levi way” about him. He will be with me when I awaken and all through my life.

Rhonda “Mama” Ladendorf

Kaia Lynn


Brown and Black German Shepherd/Cocker Spaniel

Kaia liked playing a game with us that we named “Shake the Bush.” We would slyly make a noise by grabbing a branch in the hedge and shaking it. She would go crazy trying to find out what had made the sound, then sit quietly again in anticipation of the next time. Our hedge took years to get back to looking nice again. She was our pride and joy. I used to tease that she had antelope legs because they were so long in comparison to her size.



Tri- color Beagle

Sadie was our first family pet. She brought our family 10 years of love and joy. She holds a special place in our hearts. One thing about Sadie, she was always looking for something to eat. She learned how to open kitchen cabinet doors. She loved getting into the trash and hid the trash in her bed. She would look at you with her big brown eyes as to say, “Sorry!” We had to put safety latches on all the kitchen cabinets to keep her out. We truly miss her. Thank you Dr. Bigelow and Center Veterinary staff for all of your support during Sadie’s illness and passing.



Black Lab Mix

Shadow was the most wonderful dog. She was very well trained and her favorite things to do were chase a flashlight beam or retrieve rocks. She much preferred rocks over balls and would dig them up so you could throw them. If she brought them to you and was ignored, she would push it into your food and prance around until you noticed either the rock or her. She also loved going to dog beach. She loved swimming in the ocean and the picture I provided is one of her trips to Ocean Beach (with a ball, not a rock). We miss her very much.



Red Nose Pit Bull

Isyss was a very special dog. She never bit any person or dog. She was the most “chill” pit bull. She was my wife’s guardian while she was pregnant. We’ll miss you Isyss; Say hello to Uncle Mike. We love you. Isyss is our other dog, Toby’s best friend. He will miss her a lot. She was a big dog with an even bigger heart. We will miss her.



Tricolor Australian Shepherd

Corrie found a baby bunny in our yard. This was just before her first birthday. It was late at night when we went out for her last potty break. She saw a small figure lying in the shrubs. I thought it was a toad so I pulled her back, but I was too late. She’d ever so gently picked it up in her mouth and presented it to us. I knew she would’ve been a great mother then. Too bad she didn’t have the chance.

The picture to the left is when Corrie received her 2nd Agility Trial Championship on 10/7/2012.

Her ears had “identity crises” when treats came around. If she was excited, one ear would spring up. If she was REALLY excited, both would stand. She may have thought she was a Corgi.

Her favorite game was having a ball in her mouth while pummeling a soccer ball around the yard, growling and barking all the way. That video is on https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=506444236046099&set=vb.461356397221550&type=3&theater

We have a funny video of her from Christmas 2011. The link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaeTA5KFWno

The photo on the right was taken by Laurel Hirouji in March 2011. The next photo is Corrie in her jumping prime!



Black and White Domestic Medium Hair

Stasia was about 8 years old when she first adopted ME. She was given that name by her original owner/guardian. As her third and final guardian, I never knew her during her kitten stage and was told that she was a mother once at a very early age. Cats definitely do choose their owners. There was a connection and I knew I wanted this cat. Since her guardian at the time was preparing to move out of state, she was very happy to pass Stasia on to me.

Stasia adapted to her new home very well. One funny thing I’ll never forget is her water drinking habits. When it came to drinking water, the last place she would drink from is her water bowl. Instead, she preferred cups, the outdoor water fountain, the toilet, or shower stall. She LOVED cups the most. One day I had an idea. I surrendered my favorite water cup to her. It was just a big red plastic cup that I had for years. So, I filled it with water and left it for her on bathroom floor. It worked perfectly! She never drank from the toilet or licked the shower stall again. From then on, that was her water spot.

After about 3 years something unexpected happened. Her cup constantly needed refilling. Something was wrong. Why was she drinking so much water? I was shocked to learn that she had Feline Diabetes. I never imagined a cat having diabetes. Everything worked out fine and Stasia lived as a diabetic for over 5 years. It was overwhelming at first, but Dr. Bigelow and his staff at Center Veterinary Clinic were great. They provided assurance that, ‘Feline diabetes is a manageable condition. It’s NOT a death sentence’. They were right! They taught me how to give injections and monitor blood sugar. As Stasia began to recognize that the insulin was good for her, things became easier. With the help of the veterinary staff, we were able to successfully manage her diabetes. Her red cup became the perfect tool for monitoring her water consumption.

As the winter season of 2012 approached, I had a funny feeling that I would loose her soon. Her energy level was not the same. The vet examined her and confirmed my suspicion. She had kidney failure. I’m not one to work against nature and I wanted her to go peacefully too. Especially after 5 years of diabetes. We did our best to make every day count. Her kidney disease progressed faster than I expected. The day came and I knew what I had to do. It was time to send her off on her final journey to Rainbow Bridge. And just like that, she was gone. Since then, I scrubbed out her red cup and started using it again for my own use. It was Stasia’s cup, but I think she would want me to have it back.

Many thanks to Peggy C for being a wonderful pet sitter and godmother. Thank you all at Center Veterinary Clinic!



Shepherd, Husky, Boarder Collie Mix; Blond

We adopted Brandy when she was 4 months old from a friend whose dog had puppies. We got Brandy for a companion for our much older dog, Boomer. What a change it made for him! It’s like he became a young dog again. What a joy she became in our lives as part of our family.

Brandy loved her walks and especially going to dog beach, lakes, rivers and swimming pools It didn’t matter as long as there was water to jump, play and swim around in. She loved chasing ducks in the water and would do it forever if she didn’t tire out. She loved going camping, chasing rabbits, squirrels or whatever moved. Brandy could be found hanging out by the camp fire and enjoying the outdoors. She loved riding in the car hanging out the window with the breeze beating against her face.

She was our precious little girl that is being missed everyday.

The joy, happiness and never ending love she gave to this family will always be with us in our hearts.

We Love and Miss you Brandy,

Mom, Dad and Boomer



Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler Mis with black and brown markings

Our Jewel was a jewel! She was born 15 years ago in Julian, California and we were lucky to be able to adopt her as a puppy. Jewel instantly became one of the family. She fetched the newspaper, was a loyal BBQ-er companion and welcomed everyone. Easy going-she allowed us to adopt two more dogs-which she outlived. Jewel was slow and steady-probably why she lived such a long, healthy life. We loved her and will always remember her.


Birthday: Pippin was, according to Humane Society Records, 1 year old when we got him, making his birthday roughly March 1999.

He was listed as a domestic short hair, but I was told that he was 1/4 Bengal with a mix of spots on his brown/ grey fir and tan underbelly.

Everyone who met Pippin used the same term for him: he was a “lover”, very affectionate and with big, intelligent eyes but, for some reason, he was not a lap cat. He’d sleep next to you, sit next to you, just not on you. He was mostly an indoor cat but would hang out on my patio, especially if I went out there and once caught a large rabbit, which he left under the bed and which we didn’t discover for a couple of days…

He had many cute attributes: licking my hair in the morning, pawing at his inverted water feeder to try to get it to “glug”, giving gentle love bites and being very insistent about being brushed after a shower. He had one toy that he absolutely loved and would meow incessantly at bed time for me to play with him (which was often not so good for maintaining human relationships…). In 2010, I shot and edited a video called “24, A Day In The Life of Pippin The Cat” (very loosely plagiarizing the TV show “24”), perhaps the best way to capture his character. Here’s a link to it on YouTube in case you’re interested in viewing it: YouTube Video

I was grateful that he died relatively quickly, at home in his favorite sleeping place, shown in the image (which was also the place where he died).

Pippin was a great pet, saw me through several traumas and rebounds after moving to San Diego. Another cat (possibly more) shall soon share your old home, but will never replace you. RIP, my little buddy.


Rescued December 23,1999-August 25,2012

Shiny Gray with white spots Russian Blue

I had prayed for a pet, a cat, a friend, a companion-a live Christmas present for the Christmas of 1999. There she was roaming the parking lot around my work place two weeks before Christmas. I made arrangements to rescue her. She only heard her name 3-4 times and by the end of that day it was given, calling it twice. She meowed from up the hill and came down. “What a smart kitty!” I said. On my second attempt to rescue her on December 23, 1999 around 3:15 PM-It was a success!!! She was a smart, intelligent cat, always by my side in sickness and in health. We would talk and play and she knew how to sit down when I asked her to before she received her wet food. Bunny meowed when she wanted to be carried. We liked to dance to music especially slow country and ballad songs. She looked “happy” when she heard, “I love a rainy night” by Eddie Rabbit. She wanted me to carry her and dance to the music. When I would sing songs in bed, she would really meow and seem like she wanted me to stop singing because she would come right to my face and chest and meow harder if I continued to sing. She was very active especially in her younger age. Besides being a loving cat, she was also a guard. She would know when she sensed a stranger passing by or coming closer to our place and would make a low humming sound.

I will not be able to pen down how special my cat, Bunny, has been. Words are not enough to describe how she has been such a blessing to me for 12 years, 8 months and 2 days. I miss her dearly. Holidays spent having her, now-she’s no longer here. Bunny, God gave you to me at the right time, shared you with me and took you away at the time He saw best. I will never understand why. Maybe I will, but I know I will see you again.

Bunny, you are so special and dear to me. You’ve been a very good cat/pet/friend and I miss you so much!


March 1997-September 2012

Black Short-hair

Oscar loved to eat! He knew he was loved when we fed him. Even as he lost weight with what we suspect was cancer, he always ate. The day we took him in to put him to sleep, we gave him his brother’s food. He knew he wasn’t supposed to have it, so he thoroughly enjoyed his treat before we took him in.

One of the memories that will come to mind as we think about our baby is seeing Oscar stretched out between our legs when we had our feet up on the ottoman with a cozy blanket over our legs. He looked like a cat burrito! He was in heaven all stretched out-pure kitty bliss. Oh, how we’ll miss that this winter. We loved him dearly.


August 18, 1997-August 24,2012

German Shepherd/Doberman

When we first went to get Chloe, she wasn’t what we were actually going for but she turned out to be the best dog ever possible. Then we started taking her to our annual visit to Idyllwild. She was so energetic and so smart! Everyone who saw her and knew her loved her. She was never mean and was generally quiet and mellow. With her young heart and cute hopeful eye, no one was hoping that she’d have to die. What I will always miss is her intelligence and her playful nice personality. We all will. Yet we know she is in a better place where she won’t be in pain.

Heaven’s Doggy Door

My best friend closed his eyes last night,

And as his head lay in my hand.

The doctor said he was in pain,

And it was hard for him to stand.

The thoughts that scurried through my head,

As I cradled him in my arms.

Were of his younger, puppy years,

And OH…his many charms.

Today there was no gentle nudge

With an intense “I love you gaze”,

Only a heart that’s filled with tears

Remembering our joy filled days.

But an Angel just appeared to me,

And he said, “You should cry no more,

GOD also loves our canine friends,

He’s installed a ‘doggy-door”!

~ Jan Cooper ~


October 15, 1999- August 18, 2012

Golden Retriever

Shiloh was the best companion and friend a human could have. We had 13 good years with our “special boys” who was loved very much. Shiloh was our beloved pet and friend. We love him and will miss him.


August 31, 2011-July 24, 2012

Species: Hamster
Breed: Syrian Teddy Bear Hamster
Color: White and Grey
Ode to Max
Max was adorable!
Max was very sweet and good natured.
Max was a ball of energy, when awake.
Max was an early riser, usually 5 am, sometimes earlier.
Max was a world class runner on his wheel.
Max was an explorer and curious of the world around him.
Max was tenacious and very determined.
Max was a great escape artist!
Max was a gather of nuts and seeds.
Max was a food connoisseur, especially of nuts and seeds.
Max was a champion sleeper, and slept for hours on end.
Max was very brave.
Max was a great pet!

(Max was very much loved by his human parents and will be greatly missed! Enjoy hamster heaven, my love, my Scooby-doo. We love you, Maxie!!!)

Stormy Girl

Stormy Girl was both lovable and a challenge. In her older years, she had Alzheimers and barked incessantly especially in the middle of the night. She was closely bonded to Beau, our 12 year old Min Pin and they loved to groom each other like cats. She was the love of our life and the leader of the 3 Min Pin Pack. We will miss her so much! July 1998-June 2012


Buddee was found in a Vons parking lot in December 1998. We guessed his age to be about six weeks. No one could ever guess his true breed. All we knew is that he was part of our family. He was great with kids, adults and anyone who would show him kindness. He was also protective. In 2001 my husband died and Buddee took on the role of protector for Kathryn and me. In 2003, our house burned down in the Cedar Fire. I had to move him 6 times in one year but he stayed true to us and was ready to move back when we found a new house for him to protect. Even with a loud bark, he was known in the neighborhood as the cool dog. He was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me and I will love him always. I was so lucky to have him as the constant man in my life for the past 13 years. I know he is in heaven now with my beloved husband watching over us both. We love you always Buddee, take good care of Daddy till we meet again. 1998-2012


What does it mean to be a true friend, a companion? Maybe it’s someone who never lies to you, senses when you are sad or in pain, makes you happy when you’re down, and protects you when you sleep. In return, a true friend/companion only asks the same from those that he/she loves. For the Harden family, our companion went by many names–he was a “Rescue Dot” called mutt; lunk-head; happy-boy, big dog, puppers or just plain “RI” (A Gaelic word meaning “King”)

For 2 1/2 years, RI was a full blooded/full time member of our family, and most of all, the friend/companion of Kristine. He had many physical and yes, mental issues during his short but very happy life, most caused by his time spent on the streets. Plagued by constant pain, depression and dog aggression, he was still able to make our daily lives a pleasure with his playfulness, his sometimes crazy jumping like a mountain goat, and his desire to just run “figure eights” in our upstairs loft. All of this occurred while living in a two story house with only a small patio, and 2 cats and 1 small dog names Cinnamon. RI, a Saint Bernard/Shepard mix (63 pounds) and Cinnamon, a Pomeranian mix (14 pounds) were like big brother and little sister, doing everything together. Thy took evening walks, sat side-by-side while chicken was cooking on the stove, and shared a lawn chair cushion in the patio on sunny days. Even on RI’s bad days, he made us laugh, smile and feel blessed to have him in our lives!

In January, RI’s physical pain from many ailments, increased aggression, and constant fear resulted in a visit to his doctor. After a thorough review of his past medical history and discussion of recent aggression toward family members, the doctor’s conclusion was that there was nothing further that could be done for RI to help him experience the positive quality of life he deserved.

On January 18, 2012, RI spend a lovely day with his family at his favorite park in Ramona (hiking and trying to catch ducks in the pond), chasing waves on the beach at North Island Naval Air Station and riding in the car. Later that evening, he underwent humane euthanasia

Ri is no longer physically with us in our home, but his spirit is! He lives on in our hearts, minds, and photographs. His little sister, Cinnamon, still waits for him to come home and sometimes lays on their patio chair cushion. And with every day that passes, Cinnamon is doing things that only RI would do. We desperately miss our “Big Dog”, and our hearts continue to experience an emptiness that only our memories can attempt to fill. But we also know his spirit is still with us as he will never leave, will continue to sense our pain and attempt to make us smile and laugh, and will always protect us while we sleep. An all he asks in return is a little of the same.


Kayla was a brown Akita born on May 11, 2001. I was seriously hurt in an auto accident in 2003. In 2005, I had not improved much from my injuries. A firend who worked at a vet office told me that they had a dog named Kayla that had been left with them. The family did not want to pay the bill even though Kayla had done what she was trained to do. She had pulled their child back from running in the street. I took Kayla home and we went out for walks many times each day, though not far. Kayla went everywhere I went. Soon, I was able to walk farther then to the end of the block. We would go out for an hour or more. In a few months, I was told that people could understand my speech and thoughts better. I was able to talk to someone and they could understand me and did not have to ask me to repeat myself or hear me. Kayla and I walked all over Mira Mesa and it was not hard for me anymore. Kayla started to have problems with her back legs. She could not get up on her own and I had to help her up. Finally, she could not stay up even with me helping her and I knew it was time. Kayla helped me heal almost all the way from my injuries. Without Kayla, it would have taken a lot longer to heal, if ever. Thank You, Kayla! 2001-2012

Pal (Pally Boy)

Pal, or Pally Boy, was the dog of our lives…He was my shadow around the house. He always had to be where Mama was. When I would start to clean, for some reason, he always brought me a toy hoping I would start playing..too much attention to the cleaning I guess. He loved to run for the floppy flyer every early evening. That was our special time together. Sweet and gentle tempered, he could be a rascal and steal a sock or anything really and run around the house with it. He was also an avid lizard hunter and survived a rattlesnake bite to the nose thanks to Doc B and Staff. Pally was also psychic! He knew when I was going to get up from sitting, go from one room to another, and even when I was just THINKING about feeding him or going outside before I even made a move. Such a part of me. I feel like my right arm and a piece of my heart is gone. He’ll be part of us forever. 1998-2011

Vicki, Pally’s Mom

They say “a man’s home is his castle” but here Pal seemed to be the ruler of his little domain. Every morning he had a routine to survey his yard by starting at one end and following his route along the fence. On his daily inspection he would stop to sniff his neighbors between the slats and continue once he knew all was well. I’m sure his neighboring friends miss him.

When Pal was younger, we would rough house or I would chase him with a towel pretending to smack him then he would stop, turn about to attack my shoes or to grab the towel. By the sound of his barking and growling, you would think we had the most ferocious dog in the world.

Although our house and yard will seem empty without Pal they are full of memories of him running across the yard chasing lizards, crows and on occasion rabbits that happen to think they could eat his grass. I can still hear him bounding up the stairs to get a favorite toy or hear him barking at the intrude, me, coming through the front door. Or, see him looking out the second floor window and then disappear to greet me with his smiling face and wagging tail.

Pal easily made friends and everyone loved his friendly and crazy personality. Pal wasn’t a pet, he was part of our family. He will always be my “champ” and I am thankful for the gift of having him in my life. 1998-2011

Bill, Pal’s Dad

Elton John

Elton John was a beautiful 16 year old male Abyssinian Cat. He lived for many years with his family and finally came to live at CVC because he had diabetes that was very difficult to control. Here, he was a clinic angel hanging out in the office and cuddling the day away. Whenever the microwave or refrigerator opened, Elton John would stand at attention. None of the staff members could resist his cries for food so he would often munch on our lunches. Elton John simply had the sweetest, kindest soul. He put up with us testing his glucose at least twice a day and didn’t even stop purring. He endured Halloween costumes and even a 17th birthday picture. His presence will always be missed. 1994-2010


Zoey was an incredible family dog and one of our best friends. She came to us at age 7 after spending her entire life outside. In fact, she wasn’t even potty trained. She quickly became an intricate part of our busy family of 6 filled with pets. Zoey always had a smile on her face! Whether you went outside for a second or were gone for an entire day, Zoey ran to the front door to greet you. She never met a stranger and despite her giant size, she was extra gentle. When you looked into her big brown eyes, you instantly knew what a special soul she was. Zoey died unexpectedly in her sleep but was loved to the very last minute of her life. She is a once in a lifetime dog and we are all better for having known her. 1999-2010


Honey was a sweet, shy 15 year old cat who came to live in our clinic when her owner had to go into assisted living. No one would take Honey because of her advanced age so she joined the CVC crew! Honey was often there to greet us in the hallway as we arrived to work and would typically visit the other clinic cats and spend quality time cuddling with each one. When working in the back, Honey was often an extra helper. We definitely miss her kind nature! 1995-2010


Brandi was a much loved family dog. We bought her after being turned down by the pound to get a “mutt” because we lived on a canyon and they thought we were a “risk.” We spent more than we wanted to spend on getting her (being a pure bred and all), and then maintaining her health, but she was worth every penny. She was an adopted mother to our German Shepherd, Nish, then “put up with” another baby, Shadow, when we got her. Brandi slept in my kids’ beds with them until they were old enough to say no, then she put up a fight, but settled for her pillow or the top of the couch cushions where she could spy on the neighbors all day and night. Seeing her get sick was extremely hard, but we know she is happy now in doggy heaven.


Brinkley was a Yellow Lab Mix who was found tied up behind Center Veterinary Clinic. Her age was estimated at 5 months. After CVC asked if we would want her, we immediately adopted her and were blessed to have Brinkley for almost 10 years. She was perhaps the happiest, most friendly and loving dog we have ever had. She never met a person she didn’t like. On her walks she believed everyone was there just for her and she had many fans in our neighborhood. Our two cats adored her and they often slept together. We could only guess the events that led to Brinkley being abandoned, however, we are grateful that we were able to make her part of our family. She passed away December 22, 2009. She is missed and will always remain a loving memory in our hearts.