We appreciate the opportunity you are giving us to care for your beloved family member. We take this responsibility seriously and want it to go as smoothly as possible. It is for this reason we strongly recommend the following items for all animals having anesthesia at Center Veterinary Clinic:

  1. Pre operative blood test to screen for blood infections and organ disease. Since our pets cannot speak to us they cannot tell us when they are sick. Also many animals look “fine” but actually have inadequate organ (kidneys, liver) function. This test screens for common abnormalities that can seriously affect your pets’ anesthetic procedure and health.
  2. Intravenous fluids through a catheter in the vein. Anyone who has ever had anesthesia knows that drugs are dehydrating to the body. The addition of fluids eases the stress on the heart and increases oxygen to all body tissues. By giving fluids to your pet we are helping them feel better and recover faster. It also gives us immediate access to give drugs should an emergency arise.
  3. Post operative pain medications. All surgeries lead to some amount of pain. Especially abdominal surgeries (spay/hysterectomy). It should be given to all patients recovering from surgery.
  4. Elizabethan collar. This is your best insurance policy that your pet will not remove sutures themselves before they have fully healed. If this occurs, the cost to repair things is often greater than the initial surgery.

Fleas: If your pet is found to have fleas while here for surgery they will be treated with Advantage topical flea control. This charge will be added to your bill.