Both of our veterinarians are accredited and can sign international and domestic health certificates. Airlines require a health certificate is completed and signed by a veterinarian no sooner than 10 days prior to travel. If you are traveling or moving internationally, read below and get started early.

Within the United States:

1. When traveling or moving pets within the United States, always check to see what the state laws are for bringing new pets into the state. For Hawaii, please see below. Begin your research early so you make sure you have enough time to visit the veterinarian to get a domestic health certificate and any necessary vaccines or tests.

2. Click here to read about requirements between states for transporting your pet either by airplane or car. Each airlines has specific requirements so check online with your airline and plan on needing at least a health certificate and proof of vaccinations from your veterinarian.

3. Never let your pet loose in a strange location. Make sure a dog’s leash is properly attached before every walk and that cats stay indoors.

4. Try to use the same food and water dishes, beds and toys at your new location so your pets are familiar with something from the old home. This will help them transition to the new home more quickly.

International Moves and Hawaii

International moves are much more complicated and sometimes take months to execute. Click here to visit the US Food and Drug Administration Website and enter the country you are traveling to. Again, make sure you allow yourself enough time to fulfill all of the requirements. We offer help with international moves and both of our veterinarians are accredited.

In order to work with us to move your pet internationally:

1. Please call and schedule an appointment. We will collect a $50 non refundable deposit over the phone to cover the cost it will take for our registered technicians to research travel requirements.

2. Please fax any and all past veterinary records to 858-271-6821 with a cover page that says INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL or email them to with INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL in the subject line.

3. You will be called by a technician, 1-2 days after we receive payment and they will set up an initial consult with you. A veterinarian cannot perform the necessary examination of your pet required to fill out the health certificate any earlier than 10 days before you board an airplane. Other tests, vaccines and treatments can be done earlier.

4. Some International moves are simpler than others. If we find out that the country where you are going is not very complicated, we will apply the $50 dollar deposit to the health certificate cost. International Health Certificates Range is price between $75.00 and $150.00. This price does not include the examination, other treatments, vaccines and tests that the country may require.

5. Most international health certificates are also required to be signed by the USDA veterinarian. The closest office to us is in Los Angeles. Another option is the overnight the certificate to the USDA in Sacramento and then have them overnight it back to you. We have information about both of these options.