Meet Zedd who is a Male, 4 year old Mastiff Mix weighing 175 lbs in May of 2013. Even though Zedd is huge, he is always gentle, sweet and happy to see us at CVC. About 3 years ago, Zedd was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and degenerative arthritis of both hips. Zedd was on medication but was becoming increasingly painful and the medication was no longer helping. He was constantly limping on his right hind leg, having trouble getting up and down and could only do limited exercise. Zedd’s owners were told he would need both hips replaced with artificial ones at a cost of approximately $12,000. Zedd has amazing owners and they started saving their money.

In the meantime, Dr. Bigelow became trained in Stem Cell Therapy and immediately thought of Zedd as a good candidate. His owners were very excited to have another option to treat their baby. Below is the story of Zedd and his road to recovery…

It is the day after the fat harvesting and Zedd comes in wagging his tail and ready to go. Even after many x-rays and a surgical procedure to harvest fat the day before, Zedd has a great attitude. Natalie, a registered technician, prepares Zedd for his Stem Cell Injections by shaving his fur and making sure the sites are scrubbed and cleaned.

The team of doctors use an ultrasound machine to locate the correct placement for the injection of stem cells.

Dr. Bigelow injects Zedd’s first hip with his Stem Cells to begin the healing process.

Dr. Bigelow gets ready to inject Zedd’s elbows with stem cells using the ultrasound images as a guide. Finally, they will give Zedd stem cells intravenously. These cells will migrate to anywhere there is inflammation.

Zedd is back one week later and undergoing Class 4 Laser Therapy to promote circulation and healing of the stem cells. In one week Zedd’s owners already noticed that he was much less painful and they discontinued the use of his NSAID medication. Zedd was able to move around more. Through his lower calorie diet and increased exercise, he has already lost over 10 pounds. The prognosis for Zedd is excellent!